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PRODUCT MIX AVOIDANCE and commingle prevention

Part identification solutions play a vital role in preventing mixed orders as well as ensuring tight quality standards. VEI inspection systems have been deployed for nearly 3 decades performing part and Label ID for many of the worlds largest medical device OEM’s.      


Packaging and Label Verification

As most in the medical device manufacturing world know, most recalls are due to labeling. Due to this fact, VEI has pioneered several solutions for label and kit component verification for complete packaging verification.


Software Based Process monitoring

Today many manufacturing facilities lack the necessary infrastructure for process monitoring. With the introduction of VEI’s ProcMon software this issue was changed. VEI’s prorietary software works as a middleman between plant infrastructure (ERP, DB, Label Managment, QMS etc.) and plant workstations and capital equipment. With VEI bridgeing the gap between these assets, the customer can finally utilize one solution as a hub to track, enforce, standardize and record plant processes.



Process Automation

VEI’s automation inspection systems interface with a number of automated packaging processes providing robust quality control & protection measures.


Custom Inspection Systems and Software

VEI has extensive experience in designing custom suited solutions for advanced quality and process applications.