VEI has extensive experience in designing custom suited solutions for advanced quality and process applications.  Working hand in hand with our clients, we discuss project objectives, commonly develop user’s requirement specification, and ultimately deliver turn key solutions.  Please contact us for more information.

X-Ray Systems


VEI has experience in integrating x-ray inspection systems into part identification & quality based solutions where exterior visual checks alone are not sufficient.  X-ray inspection can be used to measure internal part dimensions, check important quality features, and differentiate between similar parts.


Infrared Systems


Infrared technology is commonly employed in VEI's inspection systems when information outside the visible spectrum is needed to asses quality parameters.  For example, in thermal imaging, infrared cameras are used to find voids in materials, ensure uniform thermal conductivity as well ensure other process and material specifications.


Packaging cell design


VEI's packaging cell design incorporates important customer considerations ranging from operator ergonomics, takt time, overall efficiency, & appropriate product flow resulting in a comprehensive packaging station.




Additionally VEI has experience in dealing with conveyors, end of arm tooling, pick & place robots, actuators, tray die sealers, various feeders, and more.  Please contact us for more information.