Label & Packaging Kit VERIFICATION


VEI Label Verification (VEILV) software is used for verifying orthopedic packaging operations. The Label Verification Systems are typically deployed to ensure all packaging components (Box Label, Patient Label, IFU, Pouch Label etc.) are verified for correct content and quantity based on what is required per the shop/work order. Typical content confirmations include: part number, lot or serial number, component differentiating ID and expiration date.

The software was designed to minimize operator input/decisions. Once configured, the VEILV software simply prompts the operator via on-screen images and messages to detail what component to scan. This also aids in standardizing packing methods. When non-conforming scans are encountered the system locks and requires a credentialed override, ensuring issue resolution. All order and verification information as well as operator and issues are documented on software generated reports which allow ease of audit satisfaction.

The system is easily deployed requiring only a PC, VEILV Application, touchscreen interface, 1d/2d bar code scanner, keyboard and network connection. The system can read virtually all 1d and 2d bar code formats, and allows for manual entry and/or visual selection of items that are not bar coded.Label & Packaging Kit Verification Module is used to prevent mixing parts during packaging processes and thereby stopping what could have otherwise been a potential recall situation.

In short, the software verifies that each part number comprising the BoM is accounted for and present during the packaging process.  As with all VEI’s solutions, the system is Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.  Label & Packaging Kit Verification Module is often used in orthopedic, biologics, cardiovascular, & dental packaging sectors.


Optical Label Verification (OCR/OCV)


In cases where label content is not bar code based VEI routinely deploys optical based solutions for label component verification. The installation of these inspection systems have been both standalone and integrated to other pieces of hardware (Label Print and Apply, Form, Fill, Seal machines, inline printers, sealers, automated bagging systems and much more. Common inspections include Part, Lot, Expiration Date, Symbols, Description and Sterilization Indicators. These systems have also been successfully integrated with other quality inspections to allow a turnkey part, label and component verification system.