VEI provides several label inspection platforms designed to meet the needs of packaging, quality & process departments.  The systems provide strong risk mitigation as they are designed to catch operator errors and maintain consistent quality conformance.  As such, the solutions are often implemented as part of manufacturing center’s quality standard.  Some of the capabilities include process monitoring, ISO barcode grading, ERP reporting, GTIN compatible, BoM packaging verification & others.

Label & Packaging Kit VERIFICATION


Label & Packaging Kit Verification Module is used to prevent mixing parts during packaging processes and thereby stopping what could have otherwise been a potential recall situation.

In short, the software verifies that each part number comprising the BoM is accounted for and present during the packaging process.  As with all VEI’s solutions, the system is Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.  Label & Packaging Kit Verification Module is often used in orthopedic, biologics, cardiovascular, & dental packaging sectors.




Label Vision: VEI’s label vision solutions are capable of inspecting, grading, & verifying a variety of label attributes to ISO standards and internal plant quality standards.

PrintSpection is mounted in line with label printers inspecting barcode and label data at the source thereby catching errors and quality issues before implementation on packaging or products.  Furthermore, the specified inspected label data and quality measurements are collected, stored, and reported.