Product mix Avoidance


Part identification solutions play a vital role in preventing product mix as well as ensuring tight quality standards.  Capable of differentiating similar parts within part families effectively prevents product mix situations, while performing accurate dimensional checks ensures adherence to quality standards.  Due to the heavy reduction in errors our systems are commonly justified from a cost savings perspective, while also simultaneously functioning as an effective risk mitigation tool; both of which add value to your manufacturing center’s operation. 

Vision Engineering Inc. is pleased to offer you the following inspection systems.  These systems are the product of over twenty-five (25) years of experience, customer feedback, and the relentless pursuit of perfection.  All systems house our custom, Part 11 compliant, software that was written by us. So when you have a question or a problem regarding one of our systems, it is our promise to you that you will speak to an actual person who will be happy to help you.  With that, we present our Product Mix systems:

  • V4000 SERIES



V4000 series

High-mix, low-volume manufacturing environments present unique challenges for quality departments.  As such, large quantities of product are shipped out the door each month but are comprised of numerous part numbers and part families.  Without proper protections, product mixing is inevitable, it’s just a matter of time.  These systems provide a user friendly, reliable, and accurate solution that is second only to its latest evolution, the VMOD.  

The V4000 is a product mix avoidance tool designed to inspect large quantities of parts at one time.  The system will inspect an entire order of parts until quantity fulfillment is reached.  In approximately 6 minutes the system can inspect the same quantity of parts as an operator would in an 8-hour shift (80X gain).  The platform is highly configurable from the factory and will be outfitted with only the best and necessary options for your desired inspection.  

These systems tie into all major ERP platforms allowing order information to be pulled and pushed dynamically.  Like all VEI solutions, Part 11 compliance is built in with functionality for: validation, record generation, protection of records, limiting access, audit trails, authority checks, unique ID’s, password again, account disabling and more.  Due to the many benefits, Tray systems are often used in receiving inspection and final packaging.





Modular Inspection Platform:  The VMOD has been developed from the ground-up to be a completely modular inspection platform.  Being the newest platform added to the VEI line, the VMOD builds on the classic durability and accuracy embodied in the V4000 series of machines that VEI has built its reputation on.  

It has all of the capabilities encompassed in the V4000 systems, along with some important distinctions.  The VMOD provides increased flexibility and greater capacity in inspecting a variety of implant part types.  All VMOD systems have the capability to share programs by simply uploading an existing toolset.  This capability allows a company to email a toolset from China to Indiana and inspect a part within minutes.  

Additionally, the VMOD is capable of differentiating parts from two perspectives.  This added capability allows for stable differentiation of implants with greater complexity and more advanced geometries.  Additionally, the system allows for flexibility in configuring the system for either single piece flow or batch processing depending on the manufacturing center's needs at that time.

The VMOD platform is a turnkey, Part 11 compliant system and is capable of inspecting large joint implants, screws, plates, extremities, CMF, spinal components, cardiovascular parts and others.  The system can be configured for inspection of Part ID, Label ID, IFU ID, Kit inspections, as well as OCR/OCV inspections.  Call us today at 662.842.8400 or click below to schedule your demo.  



Single Piece Flow Inspection System:  Due to the large number of SKUs found in medical manufacturing, product mix is unfortunately all too common.  The V2000ICS is a turn-key solution primarily used in single piece flow manufacturing designed to address this need.  This system may also easily be configured for batch inspections.   

Capable of differentiating minute differences in part families in less than 3 seconds the V2000ICS is an effective tool against product mix.  Additionally, depending on requirements, the system can be used for quality measurements.  Featuring Part 11 compliance the V2000ICS system is a rugged tool which meets the rigors of FDA requirements, including: validation, record generation, protection of records, limiting access, audit trails, authority checks, unique ID’s, password again, account disabling and more.